Remote site real-time technical instructions / maintenance solution

EduNet is a software developed for real-time skill instruction and remote maintenance. EduNet is able to perform skill instruction such as machine operation, troubleshooting correspondence, and maintenance through the Internet. The experienced engineers of the factory headquarters can train workers who are in a distant place (domestic or in foreign country).

○ Customer needs of remote maintenance software "EduNet"

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1) Can an expert easily hand down skills to a person located in a distant place without the hassle of a time-consuming process?

2) Is there a convenient and smooth way to execute technical training to distant factories, both domestic and overseas?

3) Is there a way to provide quick and efficient troubleshooting support while reducing the need for business trips?

4) Want to standardize skill levels among multiple factories?

5) Can we educate engineers of various domestic and overseas factories at the same time?

6) Is it possible to provide remote maintenance?
○ Features of remote maintenance software "EduNet"

1) Video recording with handwritten and voice explanation to accompany the visual instructions:
An experienced engineer watches the video feed of a remote worker with his point of view using EduNet. It enables the expert engineer to give accurate instructions to the worker.
In addition, a video records all the added explanation and directions by voice and handwritten explanations through EduNet. The captured video can be used for repeated future education.

2) Able to control remotely and to share data:
With EduNet, you can control a PC located in an overseas factory as if it was your own PC in your office.
The program enables zooming in and out of real drawing data, and input of handwritten and voice comments while operating professional applications such as CAD.

3) Able to simultaneously train employees in multiple factories:
You can perform real-time training of the multiple factories located in various areas at the same time by using EduNet. It is effective for company skill standardization education.

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