Machine operation and setting

☆ Function for setting by HIGH PRESETTER

☆ You can learn how to configure setting of the machining center and the CNC lathe

☆ Simulating at 3 dimensions the same as a real machine

☆ Processing in the real time span while analyzing a NC code

☆ Able to freely set simple work settings and machining data settings

☆ Acquire a habit and a method to align the machine to the area of the table, during work setting

☆ Tool selection is possible from the tool library which is as diverse as with the real machine

☆ Able to perform the setting of the tool in the same way as the setting procedures of the real machine

☆ ☆ Watch the simulation of an automatic tool exchange

☆ There is a full automatic setting function for beginners

☆ There is an entirely manual setting function for experts

☆ Acquire an ability to respond to various situations by experiencing realistic on-site situations

☆ Understand the structure of a tool exchange very clearly