Collision highlighting

A virtual video is fun and interesting to trainees, so the learning effect increases.
However, it is necessary to teach that it is very dangerous with a real machine when there is an operation error.

It is necessary for trainees to be aware of the dangers that can lead to an accident resulting in injury or death.

Therefore, PRO-CNC displays a sound similar to the situation that occurs with a real machine along with error messages. This will immediately inform trainees of any damages to the machine.

And trainers can confirm the errors while accurately teaching about errors.

The Handle MPG can be operated just as a real machine is used, and therefore the educational effect increases.

Displaying a collision by G00

Display method for avoiding a collision

Displaying tool damage due to collision

Displaying the collision of a tool and the table

Displaying the collision of a holder and a tool

Displaying the damage of the machine

Displaying how to reset the machine

Displaying the reset completion message

Displaying a collision of the holder and the work

Displaying the interference when the main spindle has not rotated

Displaying an overload

Displaying that a limit switch is turned on