Special function

☆  Network function for training (optional)

:By setting the PC in the network use the dedicated monitoring feature of PRO-CNC,a teacher can remotely control trainees' PC while monitoring the status of the learner on the teacher's PC.

☆ Automatic scoring function
:Displaying the score results quickly and automatically, by pre-configuring 5 criteria to be evaluated.

1. Alarm check 
2. Tools usage check
3. Check on the point of intersection of shapes
4. Shape comparison
5. Processing path check

☆ The Handle MPG (optional)

:Some operations of the controller screen are possible through a manual pulse generator (MPG) for PCs, which are the same as for the real machine.
(emergency stop, mode selection, pulse selection, spindle selection, feed override, manual pulse generator)

(When it is operated as the real machine would be handled by using the Handle MPG, the education effect increase can be expected.)